Who are we?

- Special Support for Building and Construction (SSBC) was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2005. SSBC is a family owned company and a sister company of Sanad Elemaar for Building and Construction (SEBC) which was established in 2009. Both SSBC & SEBC are in joint partnership with Infrastructure United Construction Company Ltd (ICCU).

- We specialized in infrastructure with emphasis on Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) on Electrical Systems, Underground Utilities, Telecommunication System, Road Works, Civil Works, & Building Construction.

- For over a decade, we have been building up our expertise to serve an ever increasing demand and challenging construction needs in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. Our success has enabled us to expand into North America now forming Special Support North America (SSNA).

- By applying the principles of value engineering, we can minimize your cost, increase your profit, and provide you with a quality design and construction in a timely manner.



- Becoming a leading force in the EPC and Land Development industries, performing with high level of integrity and meeting the client’s demand in a timely manner.

- Contribute to the economic prosperity and growth through participation in projects of national importance.


- Special Support is in the business of providing a turnkey product to prospective clients that will save time and money. A one-stop shop for community developments throughout our service territory.

- Special Support will offer high quality infrastructure construction and design services in our territories while achieving excellence, customer satisfaction, and building relationships for generations to come.

- Innovate and provide intelligent infrastructure solutions in a manner which is sustainable.

- Engage in challenging projects, adhere to required standards and see them completion with high levels of integrity and dedication.


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