Special Support for Building & Construction is ensuring a hazardous free working environment as far as reasonably practicable for all employees and will supply the means to enable all personnel to carry our their duties safely and in accordance with the project policies.HSE is of paramount importance and the acceptance of responsibility is taken very seriously. All levels of staff and operatives are trained to high standards in respect of protection and environmental control of both op-eratives and the general public.By making a conscious effort to integrate all reasonably practicable safe-ty measures into project planning and by providing PPE, safety training and information to all our workers concerned and by deploying compe-tent trained safety professionals in day-to-day safety management, safety training and supervision, we strive to the utmost of our capabilities to safe-guard health and safety al all person including the general public affect-ed by our project operations.It is our policy that all sites are checked by HSE Officer. A report of each visit is also made available to the clients and site operatives.The result of which is quite visible where our company has achieved for having zero accidents for millions of hours of work done by our employees.